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Hi everyone,
I'm new here, but not in the comics or webcomics. I do mostly porn and kinky stories -you can check my web-, but most of the english comic sites in internet don't allow them so I post my illustrations just in a few sites. Comic Fury seems a little bit more open now so I will upload here a story I'm doing right now. It has sex but not too much. It's more fetish related. It's about a truly bizarre world with human pets. They are not slaves by force or something like that. There are simply normal humans and human pets. No additional explanation.
The whole story will spread for 40 pages. I hope to keep the updates to one or maybe two per week.
By the way, I'm from Spain so sorry for my english. I've checked with a translator the comic pages, but I cannot do the same with all my comments.
If any questions or comments here I am :-)
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