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24th May 2013, 3:39 AM
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Coax edit delete
Abigail's turn
User comments:
Marlee-The-Creator edit delete reply
I should not be reading this. But I can't stop!

Coax edit delete reply
If you can't control your impulses then you should visit the doctor :-)
Bear edit delete reply
Well! - I was right about "disgusting filth" - a letter to the Times (signed Disgusted of Delaware) is on its way. ...Love the dress Abigail almost has on here.
Coax edit delete reply
Surely Abigail would enjoy to have fans like you.
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Hell, I'm reading this because I like it, what other reason do I need? It's funny, it seems some people can never be satisfied. And they usually are people who have everything, yet nothing.
Coax edit delete reply
True. No reasons are needed to read, nor to comment :-)
Anna (GG) (Guest) edit delete reply
I’m so happy to read these stories.. My owner reads this one to me alot.