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5th Jul 2013, 9:56 PM
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Coax edit delete
The nightmare begins!!!


I've posted "A Petgirl's Story" as a project for crowdfunding:

If I get enough money I could finish it much faster (update almost everyday and do it in barely a month), bigger (additional content) and better (I would like to make a video with a narrator and music with all the images).

Any help is welcome!

To vote for me is free (just registering in Offbeatr). When I get enough votes then I can begin to ask for money. If you can spread this notice is also very helpful for me.

User comments:
Ensis edit delete reply
Very well, Manuel.
Coax edit delete reply
My name is Coax or Alvaro :-)
Chernobog edit delete reply
Hrm. Might not be that bad considering what she came from.
Coax edit delete reply
Well, no situation is completely bad if you look for the bright side! :-D
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Whims, desires, lustful indulgences...why else would one buy a toy/sex slave? Charming conversation?
Coax edit delete reply