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17th Jul 2013, 11:38 PM
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Coax edit delete
"She's soooo cruel" Part 2 :-)


I've posted "A Petgirl's Story" as a project for crowdfunding:

If I get enough money I could finish it much faster (update almost everyday and do it in barely a month), bigger (additional content) and better (I would like to make a video with a narrator and music with all the images).

Any help is welcome!

User comments:
Marlee-The-Creator edit delete reply
Oh there it is. I though her strap on was just for show!
Coax edit delete reply
There are too many empty holes in the room to simply show it :-)
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
In circumstances and characters like that, how many would observes limits?
Coax edit delete reply
Cartoons pets know no limits, indeed :-)
Renz (Guest) edit delete reply
I Love petgirls. Littel girls forved to be animals.

Your work is so cool. Please make more.
Continue the hot story. Can't wait. ;p

Little May is soo cute with her buttplug tail on :)
Coax edit delete reply
Well, it's natural to love petgirls... Cuteness is impossible to resist :-)