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16th Apr 2013, 12:38 PM
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Coax edit delete
Once upon a time... :-)


Here starts the Petgirl's Story BUT...

...if you prefer to read it in PDF at a higher resolution in your favorite device...

...PLUS discover 40 pages of amazing additional content including sketches, designs, a tutorial, guest artists' drawings and a foreword by The Veterinarian...

...PLUS doing a good action supporting the poor artist's efforts...

...THEN you can BUY it now for only 3.99 dollars!

You can get it in Gumroad and DriveThruComics.
User comments:
Bear edit delete reply
This looks like it has the potential to become DISGUSTING FILTH ! .....and may well prove worth subscribing to, if so. B-)
Coax edit delete reply
I suspect my story wont dissapoint you :-)
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Oh my...the sheer gratuitous explicitness! I tip my hat to you, good sah!
Inuyuru edit delete reply
....I'm game.
Coax edit delete reply
Are you made of plastic and safe? :-)
Ingy (Guest) edit delete reply
When you come to submit this page for publication, be sure to fix the wording.

"She had a home to live in, food to eat and many toys to play with"

Coax edit delete reply
Thanks! I'll do!
felneymike edit delete reply
"submit this strip for publication"
I get the feeling Disney might turn you down, though...
Coax edit delete reply
I hope that Disney's growth plans someday will include porn industry :-)