Comic 32 - Cover
15th Nov 2013, 12:49 PM
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Author Notes:
Coax edit delete
Don't panic! Next week I will continue posting the story as always BUT...

...if you prefer to read it in PDF at a higher resolution in your favorite device...

...PLUS discover 40 pages of amazing additional content including sketches, designs, a tutorial, guest artists' drawings and a foreword by The Veterinarian...

...PLUS doing a good action supporting the poor artist's efforts...

...THEN you can BUY it now for only 3.99 dollars!

You can get it in Gumroad and DriveThruComics.
User comments:
kyle (Guest) edit delete reply
errr there was a comma in that price
also only 3.99 dude even i think thats shooting way to low and im a cheapskate considering all the extra content i thing 6 bucks is a more reasonable price
Coax edit delete reply
Commas, dots... Damn, in Spain is upside down than in USA!! (I've fixed. Thanks!)

It's difficult for me to put a price for this. After all, you can read (in a few minutes -coff, coff-) the main story for free here, so in some way the buyer are just paying for the extra content and to support the artist.

Also the crowdfunding worked quite well, so I have already received some benefits (more than many of my other comics in any case).

But don't worry that if someday a publisher get it to print in paper it will be much more expensive... I imagine a big size hardcover! xD
kyle (Guest) edit delete reply
just bought the comic wont say how it ends but that was a verry mean trick you played on page 42 mr coax what i can talk about to everyone else though is the extras cause either A youll never see them or B youve already bought the comic and youve seen them i do like them as they show many interesting sketches of may and also about the artists workflow

just a tiny spoiler love the granny she looks familer from somewhere like maybe loonytoons
Coax edit delete reply
Thanks ^^

The granny is not inspired in any particular granny. All grannies look similar in our imagination :-P
kyle (Guest) edit delete reply
is there a thread somehwere for proplr who have bnought the comment cause im rather limited on what i can say based off the fact that anyone seeing this comment has yet to see how it ends and i really dont wanna give out spoilers cause it will ruin the entire rest of the comic
Coax edit delete reply
Oh, don't be in a hurry. In a couple of months you can do all kind of comments right here in Comic Fury :-)
Petgirl Jewel (Guest) edit delete reply
Nice Cover!
Coax edit delete reply
Nice Comment! ^^