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22nd Nov 2013, 12:10 AM
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Coax edit delete
Bad times for May :-(


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User comments:
kyle (Guest) edit delete reply
JUST BUY IT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD you wont regret it seriosuly what are you going to use 3.99 for coffe who needs caffene when you got mays sexy images playing in your mind keeping you awake GOGOGO

Coax edit delete reply
Thanks! I couldn't say it better :-)
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
A beautiful, naive, and almost defenseless catgirl alone amongst the dregs of the street. Sadly, how could this not happen?
Coax edit delete reply
With a policeman in every street? :-P
Ingy (Guest) edit delete reply
To join in...
Bunny (Guest) edit delete reply
As a woman this should be offensive, but I can't get enough of this comic.
Ingy (Guest) edit delete reply
As a petgirl, I find it true to life and highly realistic.
Ingy (Guest) edit delete reply
Oh, and I forgot to mention... ABSOLUTELY PERFECT and very sexy!!!
Coax edit delete reply
Petgirl Jewel (Guest) edit delete reply
As a petgirl well known to bite hard (I bit my Handler too)I don't like what is happening to May. She could at least try to defend hersef, not only suffer. Come on little one, fangs out and bit hard! Ops, hehe I am a spoiled dog :P
Coax edit delete reply
You're right! But the easy life hasn't trained May for this kind of situation :-P