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6th Dec 2013, 1:24 AM
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Coax edit delete
A REALLY bad day for May...


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User comments:
Cas (Guest) edit delete reply
I dunno, this already seems like the perfect ending
Coax edit delete reply
The perfect ending for a shakespearean or greek tragedy :-P
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
This is a perfect ending, Cas? That's a mighty strange comment.

It would be hard for things to get much uglier and painful. May is lying in the nadir of her life.
Coax edit delete reply
And if things can't go worse, it means that... :-)
kyle (Guest) edit delete reply
if this has you upset now wait till you see what the author does just before the end the evil plot twisting psyco (you really have been watching too many swat movies)
Coax edit delete reply
Hey, Police violence is COOL!! :-D
Bakers Kitten (Guest) edit delete reply
I bet her canine friend comes to rescue her. -////- Such a cutie he is. Tho May is very attractive too.
Coax edit delete reply
In my comic even the bad characters are cute xD
Bakers Kitten (Guest) edit delete reply
That's sooo true. Makes me want to stretch out and say "Draw me like one of your French girl~" ;P
Coax edit delete reply
Weeeell, I accept commissions... :-)