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26th Dec 2013, 2:00 PM
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Author Notes:
Coax edit delete
Who wants to be a millionaire if having a play partner and lots of cakes from an old lady? :-) 

User comments:
Katalina (Guest) edit delete reply
I love your comic, it's story and style is charming and wonderfully sexy as well.
I'd love to get the series, however it seems I cannot use paypal.

Is there a way I can do this? I do not have CC and currently not a bank account.
If you have any suggestions I'm quite open to them.
Thanks :)
Katalina (Guest) edit delete reply
Neeever mind ^___^
Coax edit delete reply
I think you've solved already but I answer you if anyone has the same problem too ^^

In DriveThruComics you can use paypal (and Mastercard and Visa and more). But you have to register not only to buy but to see the cover and the synopsis too!
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Hey, free chow, unlimited sex, and a roof over their heads. Got to feel like a small slice of heaven after the ordeals both of them went through. I guess until it starts getting cold where they are.
Coax edit delete reply
Cold ...or somethig else ...something worse...
Ingy (Guest) edit delete reply
I love the innocence of May and Dandy's interaction here. Innocence is a strange word to use about rampant sexings, I know, but it's appropriate for pets.

They deserve a little happiness. You go grandma! Feed those stray animals! Let's just hope you don't get a rat infestation for your kindness...
Coax edit delete reply
Innocence is what I try to show in the personalities of May and Dandy, I'm glad you appreciate it.

Rats? or maybe human-rats? :-D
Petgirl Jewel (Guest) edit delete reply
Aww, I adore the granny :-) Some humans are so sweet helping the pets :)