Comic 40 - Page 38
9th Jan 2014, 8:53 PM
Page 38
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Coax edit delete
The last intimate moments before the end...


AND remember that...

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User comments:
Ingy (Guest) edit delete reply
Ooof. I want a master or a fellow pet I can cuddle just like that.
Coax edit delete reply
Someday. Sure. :-)
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Always reach for bliss, come what May.
Coax edit delete reply
True. Very true.
Diamond Tiara (Guest) edit delete reply
Wow... I'm just noticing that the tail is a butt plug...
Coax edit delete reply
And a very comfy one! :-)
Petgirl Jewel (Guest) edit delete reply
A fellow pet is highly wanted here too :(