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17th Jan 2014, 2:50 AM
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Coax edit delete

And as a surprise for me, the young author Inuyuru has done a very nice fan art of May that everybody can see in the ExtraArt section.


AND remember that...

...if you want to read the very last page RIGHT NOW...

...PLUS discover 40 pages of amazing additional content including sketches, designs, a tutorial, guest artists' drawings and a foreword by The Veterinarian...

...PLUS doing a good action supporting the poor artist's efforts...

...THEN you can BUY it now for only 3.99 dollars!

You can get it in Coaxdreams and in DriveThruComics.
User comments:
CyberSkull edit delete reply
I take it there will be some spaying and neutering first?
Coax edit delete reply
Let's give them a few days of relax before! xD
Grey Garou edit delete reply
Grey Garou
A Pervert Paradise pandering to passion and personal preservation?
Coax edit delete reply
:-D Probably, but that name can be a little bit suspicious.
Chernobog edit delete reply

Did not see this coming, but I welcome it all the same. This place sounds awesome.
Coax edit delete reply
It is. Buy tickets for a weekend visit next summer!! :-D
Marlee-The-Creator edit delete reply
What a surprise indeed. I was fully prepared for an unfortunate ending. But I never like pets to be traumatized for too long.
Coax edit delete reply
May DESERVES a happy ending! :-D
Diamond Tiara (Guest) edit delete reply
Yay! Happy endings are awesome. No one can deny that.
Coax edit delete reply
True! :-D
Diamond Tiara (Guest) edit delete reply
The zebra is so cute! :3 and so is the chubbers of a bloodhound.
Coax edit delete reply
Oh, wait to the last page... :-)
Petgirl Jewel (Guest) edit delete reply
Mmmmmm, I don't trust that place...I smell something....My sixth sense is alerting my nose.....*barks*
Anonymous reader (Guest) edit delete reply
OMG thats soo cute!