Comic 52 - Pet2 - pag 10
22nd Aug 2016, 1:55 AM
Pet2 - pag 10
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Author Notes:
Coax edit delete
This comic and others by me available in DriveThruComics.

User comments:
emjar edit delete reply
I've got a comic up here on comicfury. How do I get onto Drive thru? Are they a print-on-demand like Indyplanet or do they just sell?
Coax edit delete reply
To sell digital files in DriveThru it's pretty fast and easy. You register there and follow the instructions :-P

They keep 40% of the price but offer lots options (preview pages, season sales, statistics, mailings, promo, etc). I'm very happy with their service. Not the most modern look website, though.

They also have a print-on-demand service but I don't found it very practical. For just one or few issues is expensive (as everywhere, I suppose) and you have to prepare the printing file and the cover. So you have to learn a bit about design terms and programs. They have video tutorials, but anyway.

I have one comic available in print-on-demand and not worth the effort (for me).